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Dorking's famous albino squirrel is dead

By This is Surrey  |  Posted: October 27, 2009

Dorking's famous albino squirrel

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A much-loved white squirrel was killed after he was hit by a car in Dorking.

The squirrel was killed as he crossed Mill Lane just after 3pm on Tuesday, October 27, and has been buried close to nearby St Martin’s Church, where he was most often spotted.

Lou Gardey, from Brockham Green, was one of the first on the scene after the accident.

She said: "I was coming up the hill at St Martin’s Walk car park and I came around the corner and he was just squashed in the road.

"Someone had just run over it and then left it lying in the road.

"I went to Aromantica to get a bag for him and found a sweeper and borrowed his spade.

"We made a little grave for him with a little wooden cross.

"He was very special to Dorking – people are just shocked and devastated.

"People used to come everyday to leave nuts for him. He was so special – I thought he was something out of a fairytale.

"I think it would be nice if people got together to do a plaque for him and give him a name. I think Snowy would be nice."

Elaine Wilson, 49, from North Holmwood, was in Aromantica, in St Martin’s Walk, when she was told the squirrel was dead.

She said: "He used to love running around the church ground so that’s why we buried him there.

"Just as we were burying him a woman with two children walked past and said ‘we might see him’ and I felt bad telling her the bad news.

"Everyone knows who he is and I can’t believe he has gone. I think a lot of people will be sad about this."

Maggie Chaplin, who works in Aromantica, added: "I’m so angry about it – who killed him?

"He used to run past the shop everyday and I was going to get him some Brazil nuts. There are going to be so many people sad about this. I started crying straight away when I found out."

The Revd. Stuart Peace, of St Martin’s Church, said: "I would think he is about five years old.

"We had a picture of him in the church vestibule."

*Email your photos and memories of the squirrel to editor@dorkingadvertiser.co.uk

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  • Profile image for This is Surrey
    Tony Lynch, Reigate  |  December 09 2009, 4:21PM

    I can't stop crying! The killer should be hunted down and sent to jail!

  • Profile image for This is Surrey
    Major R. Sole, Dorking  |  November 18 2009, 9:50PM

    OMG People, It's a bloody Squirrel. I saw it once and thought 'oh look, there's a white Squirrel' .. Then i got back to my life. Just need another one, then i will have my slippers. 20mph limits wont make a bit of difference, Nobody sticks to limits. Also, If the driver didnt see him then it doesnt matter if he was doing 5mph, A Squirrel is gonna get squashed by a 1.5 ton van. People want things safer for pedestrians in the high street? Sort the dangers out, The missing guard rails outside the dry cleaners, A nice 4 foot drop onto the road sounds good to me... How about the B.S traffic light system at pump corner, The system that takes up SOOOOO much room that if there are more than 3 people at the crossing then other people have to walk onto the road to get around them.

  • Profile image for This is Surrey
    Lori, Dorking  |  November 18 2009, 11:14AM

    It is sad. Someone commented saying it was the saddest thing they had read in a long time... I serious doubt that, or they don't read the news much. It is sad, but much more horrible things are to be read in the paper. We will miss the little white squirrel.

  • Profile image for This is Surrey
    David, Witney  |  November 15 2009, 12:34PM

    I'd just like to say that my heart goes out to the people of Dorking on this and you can be assured that, under my forthcoming government, outrages of this nature will be punished with the full severity of the law. God bless, DC xx

  • Profile image for This is Surrey
    Cyclist, Walton-on-Thames  |  November 15 2009, 6:58AM

    Reading the comments, I was appalled by the low level of literacy apparent in some posts. That says a great deal about modern education, and what it says isn't good. It's particularly scary that Albi the squirrel should have been mown down in a quiet side-street. This probably indicates excessive speed was a contributory factor. The mind-set of the driver may also be a factor. There needs to be a mandatory 20 MPH speed limit in towns!

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  • Profile image for This is Surrey
    sam, dorking  |  November 15 2009, 12:50AM


  • Profile image for This is Surrey
    Reginald Leeks, redhill  |  November 14 2009, 8:29AM

    Squirrel's dead Car mashed its head Can't believe wot the papers said: Sadly missed Local hero Crushed beneath the tyres of a Renault Clio You will never be forgotted my sweet albino lover

  • Profile image for This is Surrey
    epiphany, dorking  |  November 13 2009, 9:27PM

    It could'nt have been a postal worker who ran over it...THEY WERE ON STRIKE THAT DAY !!!

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  • Profile image for This is Surrey
    zoey, nashville tn  |  November 13 2009, 1:03AM

    I live in the US and read this story on the internet. It is the saddest thing I have read in a long time. Its nice to know so many people cared about the squirrel. RIP Snowy

  • Profile image for This is Surrey
    S. Narkii, Snathi  |  November 12 2009, 8:05PM

    Another brother lost to the struggle. He shall be honored for the hero he was. Don't worry, we'll send another. Plenty more agen...err...Visitors where he came from.