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UPDATE: Controversial 'gossip website' shut down after Mirror exposé.

By This is Surrey  |  Posted: August 13, 2009

Controversy: Hundreds of people have signed up to the Goss Ip Redhill web profile.

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Facebook have shut down an anonymous 'gossip girl' website after it angered hundreds of internet users by publishing lewd rumours about their sexual behaviour.

The 'Goss Ip Redhill' profile was terminated shortly after the Mirror reported it to the social networking site's administrators last night (August 13).

It attracted more than 216 members since it was launched on August 4.

Furious former St Bede's student Charlotte Jordan, 20, contacted the Mirror after allegations were published on the website about her friend, who she does not want to name, on Monday (August 10).

She said: "I can't believe they think they can get away with it.

"How can they publish these lies? I was absolutely fuming when I saw it. The final straw was when they said my friend was flashing for money.

"It needs to be shut down. There are people that are getting really hurt by these lies.

"What right do they have to lie about people's sexual orientation, and saying they pose nude for money?

"It is a cowardly and needs to be stopped."

Merstham resident Barry Partheniou, 22, of Brook Road, has complained about the rumour-mongering website to host Facebook.

He contacted the Mirror on Monday (August 4) after an allegation was published that he had been involved in an incident at East Surrey Hospital

He said: "When I got a request to join I saw loads of my friends had already signed up, so I thought it was just a bit of fun.

"Then one of my friends told me someone had posted some rubbish about me, and I thought: 'Oh my God, this is just going to get out of control.'

"Whoever is doing this is just so sad. Who has got the time to sit on Facebook all day and make up lies about people?

"If they ever find out who this person is they are going to get in a lot of trouble. There are a lot of angry people out there."

The Mirror sent its own complaint to Facebook, asking for the Goss Ip Redhill profile be removed from the social networking site.

Goss Ip Redhill did not return the Mirror's request for an interview.

Do you know who is behind the 'Goss Ip Redhill'? If so, call our newsdesk on 01737 732 079, or e-mail owen.evans@essnmedia.co.uk.

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  • Profile image for This is Surrey
    Kyle, Redhill  |  August 20 2009, 11:44AM

    LOL!!!! go on charlotte!!

  • Profile image for This is Surrey
    Louise, Redhill  |  August 13 2009, 2:05PM


  • Profile image for This is Surrey
    Aimee Butcher, Redhill  |  August 13 2009, 12:04PM

    haha yes charlotte at last goss ip girl is no more - they are a bunch of idiots cant wait to find out who is behind it!!!

  • Profile image for This is Surrey
    Ant, Redhill  |  August 13 2009, 11:47AM

    Facebook should tell us who this cowards is!

  • Profile image for This is Surrey
    Hannah, Redhill  |  August 13 2009, 11:16AM

    I saw this and was so disturbed, especially when I saw comments made about a friend of mine's younger brother. I was concerned that the website would start spreading rumours about my siblings and their friends, luckily they didn't. It's just childish and I am glad that Facebook have now had the sense to shut the profile down - although it took a very long time!